Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why all the rush to pass this before August? Beware the "Stealth Health Care Bill" Coming this Fall...maybe!

We know why all the rush....
Obama and his denizens are running out of time and now that the American people see how he and the Democrats work (remember Cap and Trade?), passing bills without debate, review or even publishing them for the people to see and give feedback to their reps in congress. Then voting at 3:00 in the morning to avoid the fallout from the home folks... Yes in deed....Obama is beginning to get the message that he can't get things done as fast as he wants but that won't stop him trying. Don't forget that he could "Stealth Attack" the whole thing through via the "Budget Reconciliation” process which is usually used in October when the new fiscal year budget is put through the Senate.
An interesting wrinkle in the whole process is that filler buster is NOT allowed in the Senate on reconciliation bills so a simple majority is all that would be needed, not a super majority like what is needed to stop a filler buster. Think about it…. He could get all he wants via simple majorities in both houses of Congress…. That’s scary stuff!!!!

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