Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obamacare meeting stiffening resistance...



An interesting point was made by a caller to a popular talk show who made an interesting point. Would the Democrats, realizing that time was getting short, that the American people were getting sick and tired of the Obama legislative BLITZKRIEG, ram-rodding bills to increase taxes, bailing out their union buddies, and nationalizing massive slices of the economy, allow the economy to continue to limp along, shedding jobs and leaching whatever prosperity is left out of the national economy?

The answer seems to be “YES”.

We keep seeing evidence that administration and congressional Democrats are unwilling to allow any real debate or review of ANY legislation they have proposed or voted on prior to the vote. Sixteen years ago, “Hillarycare” was the democratic, populist, plan de jur proposed by the Clinton administration that failed when it was put out in the public domain. It was possible to get the 2 volume plus the amendment supplement from the government printing office book store and read it. Today, it is possible to put bills on the web so the public can see them and the congress can review them. Lately however, the procedure has changed dramatically in the wake of democratic takeover of congress. We the people no longer get to see bill prior to the vote. If anything about the bill gets out, it is the day of the vote if we are lucky, if not a few hours prior to the vote. This is what happened in the vote for the so called “Cap and Trade” legislation that passed in early July of 2009. Amendments were put in the bill that exceeded 300 pages, to a bill that the members were unable to review in its entirety, nor that the citizenry were able to see in print anywhere. This travesty continues with the “Obamacare”
plan that is presently making it's way through committee. This is the lesson of “Hillarycare”the Democrats learned. Ram bills through before anyone can object or before anyone knows what's in it or before debate can occur.

As I write this, the house committees, specifically, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, are debating the costs and the ramifications of the Obamacare plan. Rep. Henry Waxman, (D) of California, who chairs this committee, has halted consideration in order to regroup in the wake of rising opposition within the congress and within the Democratic party itself as some members are getting wise to the fact that what is being proposed is not workable. President Obama, realizing that he is in some serious trouble getting this plan passed has asked House Democrats to the White House today to get the plan back on track in spite of the general unease that is being felt by those who are getting indications from the folks back in their districts that the people are scared that debt will rise, care will suffer and that what health care they have will evaporate in the wake of government intervention. What will happen? What will the so-called moderate “Blue Dog” Democrats do when the Obama mafia begins to exert pressure on them?

If past performance is any indication, the Obamanites in both the White House, in the House and Senate, will put thousands of goodies for these moderates to buy them off like they did during the “Cap and Trade” fiasco, then they will put this thing to a vote at 3:00 AM on a Friday prior to the Congress going out on their August recess so they don't have to face the rising tide of discontent that is beginning to come to bare as more and more people become disenchanted with the Gestapo-like tactics the President and the Congressional leadership is using to pass their key legislative programs.

Mark my words, ladies and gentlemen.....

This will be a fight to the death in the House and Senate and the Administration and the Democrats make this play to nationalize 1/6th of the national economy.

Today, the House had a 1 minute speech session. 134 Republicans got up and spoke, universally deriding the any attempt to pass this form of health care reform. Steny Hoyer, the House majority leader, nearly had a nervous breakdown as one congressman after another said that the plan was not going to work and that it would cost jobs and increase taxes and cause rationing. Add this to the Congressional Budget Office report last week and the fact that the program is going to cost TRILLIONS of dollars.

So, here we are, facing economic Armageddon, and Obama continues to push more and more deficit spending, higher taxes, greater government control and an ever-disintegrating confidence of the American people in his solutions. His answer, to threaten, bargain, beg, bribe and browbeat the congress to give him what he wants, and damn the consequences.

What His Majesty wants, His Majesty gets.....

The Congress will hopefully see their collective political mortalities and shoot the excremental piece of so-called reform down.

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