Monday, July 20, 2009

Why the 6 Month Budget Report Delayed...(My guess...)

Here we go again….the Apprentice and Chief, Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen have decided to delay publishing the Mid-summer budget update, usually published in mid-July , until mid-August.

Makes a thinking person wonder what’s up….

Could it be that the numbers are so bad that His Majesty is afraid that if the truth were known that his agenda of nationalizing health care and adding an additional 1 TRILLION dollars of debt to this years budget would put the brakes on his Healthcare nationalization scheme?

Could it be that if the numbers were known prior to the congress’ summer recess, the President and his minions know that that house members and senators would be browbeaten, bullied and even likely lynched (politically speaking) by their constituents back home if the word got out prior to a vote on so called Healthcare Reform.

The word is gradually and inexorably getting out that any government plan similar to Canada’s, Britain’s or most other European style systems, would result in degraded care compared to what most Americans get today with existing plans. The horror stories are out there on Youtube, Fox News and even in some of the more liberal media outlets if one wishes to know the truth. Add those frightening stories and the fact that health care rationing is in our future to the numbers in the financial report, Obama & Company know that the fight will become very difficult if not impossible.

Many other schooled and sober observers are already taking note of the report's delay like Tony Fratto, a former Treasury Department official and White House spokesman under President George W. Bush. He stated that "Instead of a dream, this routine report could be a nightmare," he added, "There are some things that can't be escaped."

The Liberal Democrat controlled House and Senate are still reeling from last week's testimony by the Director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a nonpartisan agency of the government. Director Douglas Elmendorf stated that the main health care proposals Congress is considering would NOT reduce costs—as Obama has insisted—but "significantly expand" the federal financial responsibility for health care.

Before he came to CBO, Doug Elmendorf was a senior fellow in the Economic Studies program at the Brookings Institution. As the Edward M. Bernstein Scholar, he served as coeditor of the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity and the director of the Hamilton Project, an initiative to promote broadly shared economic growth. Needless to say, more qualified than Obama himself or any in the inner-circle to judge what the after effects of Obama’s or any plan congress has floated to date.

Late last week, about the same time the CBO gave congress the bad news, Obama vowed anew that "health insurance reform cannot add to our deficit over the next decade and I mean it." I’m sure he does mean it…. Too bad his assurances are basically meaningless in the face of the overwhelming facts that are coming to light. The real question is who is he kidding and who is he trying to convince? Us, the American people, or himself?

Here are some things to consider:

The nation's debt—the total of accumulated annual budget deficits—now stands at $11.6TRILLION. In the scheme of things, that's more important than talking about the "deficit," which only looks at a one-year slice of bookkeeping and totally ignores previous indebtedness that is still outstanding.

Even so, the administration has projected that the annual deficit (that one year slice we mentioned before) for the current budget year will hit $1.84 TRILLION, four times the size of last year's deficit of $455 BILLION. Private forecasters suggest that shortfall may actually top $2 TRILLION. Still, Bush was excoriated for running deficits in the $400 BILLION range by congressional Democrats. Obama and the liberal Democrat congress are making the (very) unpopular Republicans of last year look like amateurs in the spending department. They have to date (the 6 month mark of the first year of four of Obama), blown past those record deficits of the Bush era like a missile, and will likely post deficits equivalent or near equivalent to what the Republicans deficits were for the entire 4 years of Bush’s second term.

Here it is, my fellow Americans...CHANGE we can believe in!!!

In the words of a wise man I admire for his courage and convictions, G. Gordon Liddy, of Watergate fame, “Oh, ye suckers!”

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