Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We need the "Laporte Plan" for Health Care Availability Reform

In short, it is a joint public / private approach that should provide a solution for most people needing coverage...

The main points are:

1. A 5% increase in premiums which are matched by the insurance carrier
2. This goes into a fund-an uninsured healthcare fund. (similar to the uninsured motorist fund that already exists for our car)
3. Utilizing the Medicare Cost Reporting System already in place the funds will be distributed.
4. Most hospitals have Urgent Care facilities which are adjunct to the hospitals Emergency Departments. This would serve as the Primary Care Physician Services.
5. Other services beyond the abilites of the Urgent Care facilities would be handled by the hospital that owns them.
6. The uncovered patient can be issued a card which would grant them access to the Urgent Care facility.
7. The uninsured patient would have to prove that he/she was here legally.
8. A small $5 copay for PCP and $20 for Hospital would reduce people who are abusing the system.

The impact is minimal to the hospitals as many already have these facilities and the start up for one is about $150,000.
The impact to the average consumer is minimal. The Urgent Care clinic is not so luxurious that there is not an incentive to accept traditional insurance and move off these rolls.

Bruce A LaPorte

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