Thursday, September 17, 2009

My response to Glenn Greewald, from "ACORN Apologetics" by Joseph Lawler, American Spectator Online

This is my comment to an article in the American Spectator website on 9/17/2009.

Joseph Lawler outline the arguments made by ACORN apologist Glenn Greenwald that Wall Street's abuses exceed anything ACORN has done because they are doing good works for the poor and down-trodden and that the relative dollar amounts should excuse them from all the harangue and vitriol.

Here is my response:

Venality and corruption abound in Washington. Nobody questions that there is waste, fraud and abuse in all areas, and that Wall Street has that problem as well. Whenever people are exposed to huge sums of money, be it public or private money, there is bound to be some graft and corruption. It is something we all agree is a bad and should be fought, and prosecuted whenever misconduct or malfeasance it is found. When comparing ACORN to Wall Street, however, let us remember that despite all the faults that one may find with the financial industry, at least they never showed a willingness on multiple occasions to give aid, comfort and support to people in setting up a criminal enterprise to traffic in young children across international borders to be used as sex toys for degenerates, and to out and out defraud the government in the process. Stealing money is one thing, sex slavery of minor children is quite another. And to think, ACORN is up for 8.5 billion in stimulus cash... Makes one wonder how many kiddie brothels ACORN could help fund with that chunk of change... Hey ACORN... Can you say R.I.C.O. ???

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