Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey ACORN....STRIKE 2 !!!!

To paraphrase an old movie and book title, once seems to be not enough for the folks at ACORN...

Two expose' videos put out in the last 48 hours by 2 very brave young people have shown just how venial and corrupt ACORN truly is. There might have been a valid argument that this is a smear campaign by Republicans to discredit the organization, but when you have voter fraud cases in 2 states and now these videos from 2 other areas of the country, it is blatantly apparent that there is a culture of corruption that leads all the way to the highest levels of our government. The President of the United States has publicly commended this organization for its efforts on many fronts including voter registration, which now are under investigation in several states. Obama has so many ties to this organization going back over a decade that one is apt to wonder what he knows about them and if he has had any knowledge of past acts like the ones seen in the videos.

Conspiracy to aid and abet child trafficking and child molestation, tax evasion, and fraud should rate a look-see by the U.S. Attorney... Since the whole organization seems corrupted (Indictments in Florida and Nevada..), they should be shut down and their leaders and lieutenants tried and jailed. Perhaps a look at the voter registration efforts by ACORN on behalf of the Democratic Party should rate a look as well since the Demos have seen to it that ACORN gets federal funds...over 8 BILLION dollars worth...

I say the videos tells the whole sordid and felonious story... These are the sorts of people the Democrats are in bed with...People who would willingly and happily help the criminal element game the system and set up brothels stocked with illegal alien/child prostitutes in your backyard. These are degenerates of the highest order. There is no excuse. No cover or pit deep enough to hide for those who would aid and abet that sort of thing.

Hey ACORN....Can you say R.I.C.O. ???

P.S. At least Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts had gay ADULTS turning tricks from his home...not kids!!


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