Thursday, August 27, 2009

Putting more lipstick on the pig.....

How predictable…

We all have been watching as Sen. Ted Kennedy slowly passed from the scene before our eyes. It is a sad thing indeed. Camelot has finally been laid to rest with the passing of the last scion of the original Kennedy Clan. It is a hard thing to watch, to see someone who has been so visible and so much part of the body politic for so many years fade away. Few can deny he was a very prolific and important legislator for his party and for the nation. But what also can‘t be denied either is that his reputation as a politician has been greatly tarnished by his sordid and questionable actions when not doing the peoples work on the floor of the Senate.

Sen. Robert Byrd, a man who is believed to be the greatest scholar and certainly the longest serving Senator in the history of the republic has called for the renaming of the excremental healthcare nationalization bill, H.R. 3200, after his late colleague. This happened within hours of the senator’s death; almost as if it had been planned in advance.

Many pundits and those in positions to comment on the opposition to Obamacare, predicted this possibility as far back as January when the healthcare agenda of the Democrats came to the forefront, and Senator Kennedy’s condition became more generally known and his prognosis was publicized. These seemingly callous remarks at the time by those who oppose the liberal agenda of the new congress and administration in the White House faded away but now seem prophetic now that the senior senator of Massachusetts has passed into history.

This also proves the desperation and lack of character of the Democratic leadership. They can’t seem to get it done with logical, reasoned, and factual arguments when it comes to the nationalization of healthcare. Even with decisive majorities in both houses of congress, they must resort to this cheap attempt to appeal to the emotions of the American people. It is without a doubt, the most cynical, calculated and blatantly disingenuous act to play on the emotions of the American people, and on their fellow legislators we have seen in some time. It proves that when all else fails, that when the people, who have seen just how bad this bill is going to be for them, who are revolting en masse against this ill-conceived piece of legislation, the liberal leadership of this nation will do anything including shameless emotionalism to accomplish their ends.

To borrow a much uttered axiom from the past; if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

If you re-brand this hideous piece of legislative tripe after a respected deceased member of the Senate, it is still a hideous piece of tripe, period.

We can’t allow this callous and calculated act of emotionalism to cloud the issues that face us as we debate the attempt at a de facto governmental seizure of the health delivery system. As much as the storied Kennedy name carries so much emotional weight and indeed, mystique in so many quarters, in so many ways, we can’t let that redefine and obscure the facts that the nation can’t afford the largess of this plan. Nor can we afford to allow the government to make this big play power grab of something this important. There are too many unanswered questions. There are too many government fiats allowed in H.R. 3200 that should not be permitted. There are fiscal issues, privacy issues and treatment issues that should be the exclusive province of the patient/doctor relationship, not that of government apparatchiks with unlimited power and authority who can act with impunity and without recourse to those who will be under their control.

I make no secret of my distaste of the late senator. I didn’t see him as anything other than a man with many serious character flaws that has managed to dodge responsibility for actions that would have put any of the rest of us in prison for decades. Yes, he did some good things, and should be given kudos for those things, and yes, he was elected by the people of his state, but I think it was more sympathy for his family’s personal and public tragedies, rather that true merit, greatness, or legal scholarship that has allowed him to attain high office and skate away from the consequences of his actions. People in his position should be a cut above the rest of us; their personal and professional conduct, sense of honor, decorum and legal scholarship should be held to a higher standard that the average man on the street. No man is perfect, but he was so very far from perfect. Now in a trite attempt to save H.R.3200 by renaming it after Sen. Kennedy so the Democratic troops will rally around it shows just how much the leadership of the party in power has slid.

It is truly pathetic and we are not amused…. for is truly not a laughing matter…

We are not fooled either …and no matter how much lipstick you put on this legislative pig, it is still a pig.

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