Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Greetings from "The Mob"....

I have to laugh at Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats who seem somewhat upset that We, The People, have risen up in righteous indignation, to protest the government’s attempt to, in effect, nationalize the American health delivery system though the so-called “Public Option” insurance system. As Arlen Spector, Nancy Selibus, and many others in Congress and the Senate are discovering, a majority of the citizenry showing up are very upset with their actions to fundamentally change the system we enjoy today. We have seen “Town Hall” meetings turn into free-for-alls where house members and Senators have been called to task for their seeming lack of knowledge, concern, and reckless zeal to get this program through the congress without even being read or seen in finished version, then debated. What they seem to forget it that they work for us, and we will not simply sit by and let them ramrod though another faulty, ill-conceived piece of legislation.

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has called those of us who vociferously object to any intrusion in a system that is the best in the world at delivering state of the art medical services, a bunch of Un-American, NAZI-ish, thugs. Personally, as a former service member who has served this nation in time of war and peace, resent the characterization of common people, concerned for their very lives and the lives of those they love as essentially unpatriotic at best or seditious and even fascist at worst.

People like Ms. Pelosi and her liberal, Democrat colleagues, criticized efforts to combat Islamo-fascism and terrorism guise of terrorists like Al Queda in Iraq and Afghanistan, there were very vocal and even violent protests against the “War on Terror”. Some criticized the protestors as being “Un-American” and “Un-patriotic”.

That was wrong.

They who protested had a right to voice their dissatisfaction of policy as that is their constitutional right. It is clear no however, that now the shoe is on the other foot. Now the liberal establishment, lead by Obama, Pelosi and their sycophants, both in and outside of government, are getting to experience the sort of resentment, vitriol and anger that they themselves regularly put out against the previous administration for it’s policies. How can they claim to be serving America and her interests, but show such hatred and condescension to regular Americans?

It’s simple really. They don’t like regular Americans.

If you are Not a UNION member, or a liberal activist member of some organization like ACORN, or if you are able to take care of yourself, and don’t need to live off government larges, they see you as the “enemy” and as an obstacle to their agenda and objectives. Specifically, an obstacle to their objective: to nationalize the health delivery system and ultimately create a single payer medical system here in America. They deny this, of course, but it is the stated objective as articulated by Barack Obama as far back as 2003, when he addressed the AFL-CIO and touted the idea as something that may take a decade or two to accomplish; that it was an achievable goal, provided that they (the Democrats) took back control of the House, Senate and White House.

Well, they have and now done just that, and in spite of his denials now that he only wants a “public option” (some sort of publically funded insurance program), we see from the Democratically controlled House of Representatives, a plan that is nothing more than a plan to begin the slow death of the best system of public and private payer plans in the world today. It is amazing and nearly incomprehensible that so many can’t see the obvious and fundamental change that this will cause if it passes both houses of Congress and is sighed into law.

So many of us who have followed this whole process see that the now-desperate Democrats and the Chicago Gangster/Daley Machine transplants in the White House are beginning to resort to the vilest tactics that their collective histories can recall to get what they want at our expense. Just like days of old, they are using intimidation and thug tactics reminiscent of the days when guys like Hoffa, Fitz Wallace, and Tobin used to “get the rank and file in line.” They are calling on folks from SEIU Service employee’s International Union (the Purple Shirts) and others to shout down, intimidate and even rough up and physically confront those who object to the Democrat agenda. There has been no violence at any of the “Town Hall” meetings until the Unionists showed up and began their tactics. There have been scuffles and arrests and the blame has been put on those who are objecting to these so-called reforms.

To make matters even more suspect, some Congress members and Senators have decided that they will not have meetings with constituents, but will have phone conferences and one-on-one’s in their district offices. This dodge tactic is basically a way to avoid facing their critics and to limit the scope and volume of decent that is voiced to them. They can then say that they (the member) did their due diligence; that they had a public discourse, and that they now can vote with a clear conscience. What they don’t truly understand is just how far behind the power curve they really are in regard to public feelings on the issue of Health Insurance/ Health Care Reform. They think by using “Chicago Tactics” that they can just run roughshod over opposition that they will ultimately win the day. We must continue to apply pressure to all branches of the government involved in this naked attempt to destroy private health insurance and to nationalize health delivery in this country.

One way to fight this process is to vote in the next series of off-year elections that will occur very soon in most states. We must hand the liberal Democrats a stunning and complete defeat to show them and their party that we, solid, thoughtful and independent and conservative minded people will not tolerate government meddling in private affairs, medical choices and additional public debt that would result from a “public option” health plan.

We all see regularly how well Medicare and Medicaid are run: constant mismanagement, lack of funding, constant quality and service availability issues and a host of other short comings. Now the Democrats want to put an additional 45 MILLION people on what is in effect, medical welfare. There are serious questions like:

Who will pay for this?

Who will be allowed to use the plan?

Will U.S. Taxpayers have to pay for the healthcare of illegal aliens?

Will Medicare and Medicaid go away and this new program replace them?

Will government employees be forced to use this plan in place of their existing coverage?

Where will the 45 Million uninsured get their care?....Where will all the extra doctors, nurses, medical and lab staff, administrators and facilities come from when all these people come on line as covered persons?

Who will pay for these facilities, equipment and who will train all the additional people to staff new facilities?

Who will be exempted from this plan…and why? This is a big question as I understand there are “protected classes” of people that are exempted from this new plan.

If there are no good answers to these questions, then this whole idea needs to be scrapped and shelved until reason and logic are restored to the process, because the many hundreds of pages we have seen amount to nothing more than typical Government meddling, as well as potential fiscal suicide.

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