Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A note to Sherrie....

In my response to a Facebook posting I was chastised for my views on Sarah Palin as a potential candidate in 2012. I felt her not a good choice in light of her past performance and her lack of experience. I was hit with a multitude of arguments why I was wrong including the slam that I was a "sexist". Anyone who knows me knows that that label is totally off the mark. Here is my reply to Sherrie. One thing I need to say is that I think Sherrie is a passionate advocate who believes in many of the same things I do.... but in this I disagree with her. Here is the excerpt:

Sherri.... I knew when I wrote my remarks, somebody would take did so here goes. I am an Objectivist. I always try and separate emotion from my decision making process when deciding things like who is going to lead the free world at the most dangerous time since 1930’s. I do so with as cold, ruthless and logical mindset as I can muster. I do this because when you are talking about the survival of the Republic, we can’t afford otherwise. Sarah Palin for all her attributes earlier on now has earned a less than passing mark as far as I am concerned as a candidate for the highest office in the land. There are OBJECTIVE reasons for this, none of which have to do with gender. She had reasons for resigning office as Governor. Fine...she had reasons, good ones even, but that doesn’t mean that her actions lack consequence. In my mind there are few good reasons to resign. Illness, indictment, arrest, or promotions are the reasons one leaves office early. The consequence is that you will most likely be unable to pursue further high office if the reasons aren’t administrative, like promotion. This is Palin’s problem. She left for what are essentially personal reasons and that smacks of a lack of fortitude..a "quitter" if you will, regardless the circumstances. Her leaving makes her a good mom, a good wife, and all that, but it makes her a questionable leader when the going gets tough. What happens if the stars cross in her life while occupying the White House? Will she bail then too? As a former military person, I know that true leaders can’t just quit because things become hard or inconvenient. I have made many decisions that were life and death caliber decisions. I made them and lived with the consequences. I question her ability to make those choices, especially if her family has to take a hit (for the good of the country). If she can’t do that, then she shouldn’t be in the big chair. Another thing Sherrie, why are you playing the "sexist" card??? That is like playing the "Race" card... You are better than that Sherrie...I know that. My remarks on her appearance are completely valid...Be objective...look at the men and women who are elected today...most are rated "very photogenic/telegenic" ...objectively, that IS an asset. I have worked on campaigns and know this is a fact. Understand this as well... I am a CONSERVATIVE.. not a Republican nor a Libertarian. Where you are also dead wrong is that there is nothing 'squishy' about me or my beliefs. As for what I "feel" about her...I don't. I don't "feel" about candidates. “FEELINGS” got us into the mess we are in now. We need some cold, hard, and yes, ruthless logic to fix what “feelings” have broken. You also mentioned my stooping to low levels... The only thing 'low' around here is the bar we as a nation have set for those we have been electing. Real achievement and real intellect and real experience and real courage under fire are what matter. Failure is NOT an option.

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