Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Simple reasons to doubt "The Government Option"

To those in the “Kumbaya Crowd” who think government health care will be a good thing, remember that government has never...not once EVER run a program of any real scale or magnitude that has worked as advertised, on budget or efficiently. Look at Social Security (it’s broke...congress raped the trust fund), Medicare (it’s broke too...), AMTRAK (never has shown a profit though mandated to do so...), and Postal Service (same as AMTRAK...). When government is slated to “compete” there is no competition. Private insurers work on an average 2.2% profit margin. The Government run health services and “insurance option” can loose millions and billions and run inefficiently because they aren’t held accountable and can always count on congress and by extension, the taxpayer to bail them out. Private insurers can’t do that, therefore are at a marked disadvantage. How long will it take for private companies to dump private coverage for the more “competitive” government plan, even if it isn’t as good a coverage just to reduce cost to them or to just pay the cheaper “fine” and not cover employees at all? Not long!! Then there is the cost...nearly 1 TRILLION dollars (probably more when all is said and done)...and no way to pay for it. All this nonsense, all that debt just to deal with less than 15% of the total population...
Oh, ye suckers!!!

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